Our Booths

Oval Booth

The Oval Booth is one of the most popular Booths out there today, its sleek and elegant look adds that extra special touch to any venue and gives guests that privacy of being crazy behind a closed curtain. The Booth can fit upto 5-6 people. Size of Booth itself is: 2.5 meters Length, 1.5 meters Width & 2 meters Height


  • State of the Art Booth Enclosure
  • Interactive Touch Screen
  • Video Messaging
  • Slo-motion Video
  • Green Screen Technology
  • Facial Recognition
  • Social Media Upload
  • DSLR Camera

Mirror Booth

The Magic Mirror Booth is the Newest addition to the Photo Booth Family and has created such a buzz that’s it the must have for any party. The Booth is fully interactive and animated combining entertainment and memories in one. As the Booth is open there is no restriction of number of people, so if you can see yourself in the Mirror your in the picture. The Mirror is smaller in comparison to the Booth which makes it ideal for venues where you are restricted for room, but also for big open venues as its appearance steals the show. Size of Mirror itself is: 1 meter Length, 0.5 meter Width & 1.5 meter Height


  • Interactive Touch Screen
  • Gesture Control
  • Scream Bar
  • Sign you Picture or Stick Emoji’s
  • Green Screen/ Augmented Reality
  • Social Media Uploads
  • DSLR Camera

Our Packages

We create the perfect package for you. All our Booths use State of the Art Technology and We pay attention to detail to ensure that you have memories that last a lifetime. We do FREE set up & take down ensuring we do not cut into your hire time. We also provide a selection of optional extras for those who wish to add a little more sparkle to their event.